I will create intuitive and visually pleasing reporting dashboards customized from your data so your can view your business operations at a glance.
Your car needs a dashboard so it can communicate to you how safe you are on your journey. Why not have a dashboard for your business to monitor known risks and opportunities?

Klipfolio Dashboards - $500 each

I will use the Klipfolio platform to create your reporting dashboards.

5 single value metrics
1 graph or chart
2 API endpoint integrations (Klipfolio supported services only)
1 month free support
Additional API Integrations - $100/endpoint
Additional Dashboards - $300 each

Custom Dashboards - $1700

If you need more control over how you display your data or if Klipfolio isn't right for your organization, I will create a custom reporting dashboard for you.

50% discount on a roadmap for this project
5 graphs or charts
20 single value metrics
1 month free support

Dashboard Support - $100/mo

I will be available to answer questions, provide assistance, and resolve issues. Support is available for up to 5 of your reporting dashboards by default.

Email and chat support
Bug fixes
$20/mo for every 5 additional dashboards supported