My firm

My name is Daryl and Golden Path Technologies is my technology firm based in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. I'm dedicated to solving complex and expensive business problems in a meaningful way by combining knowledge from both the business and software worlds, then bringing them together to create human-centered and principled solutions guaranteed to create value for your organization.

My goals

I strive to; create lasting value for all stakeholders of my products and services through high-quality software, insights, and relationships; communicate the value of my work at every stage so that you the customer know what you're paying for; transform software development from a cost-generating activity to a revenue-generating one; leave the world a better place with everything I do.

My approach

Traditionally, software developers have been separated from the business aspect of problem solving and focused primarily on the technological side. This results in a labour-heavy approach to problem solving that is costly, inefficient, and demoralizing for all stakeholders, often pitting them against each other. I take a multidisciplinary and value-focused approach to software development and other technical activities by beginning with your human and business problems, then collaborating with you to create fixed-price solutions as opposed to risky hourly-billed ones.

How I compare to traditional software firms

My Firm

Traditional Firms

Fixed price for all work to protect you from cost overruns and to clearly communicate the value generated from the solution.


Hourly-billed projects get increasingly expensive over time regardless of value delivered. These projects also cost you your time by having to monitor time spent on the project to ensure a sufficient return on investment.

100% money-back guarantee for all eligible products and services. For products and services that don't carry a refund policy, I will fix any issues until you are satisfied, or credit you the difference in service level.


Employees don't come with a money-back guarantee; you bear the full risk of ensuring you get the solution you need from them. Firms that leverage employees carry that same risk and pass it onto you. When urgent problems arise, employees are often forced to work for free so that neither you nor the firm loses money. This causes your work to be completed by burned out labourers with an attitude of malicious compliance.

We guarantee quality in our work by adhering to best software development practices and by taking the time to ensure that our solutions work as intended via thorough testing. However, we're not software zealots and will be happier with a working solution if it is simpler, more maintainable, and more cost-effective.


Traditional software firms usually don't have the resources to produce quality software due to them occupying developer time with busywork, timesheet entries, pointless meetings, and organizational pep rallies; all of which have nothing to do with solving your expensive problems. Activities like training to use the best tool for the job or rigourous testing are often left by the wayside in order to meet deadlines. This leaves your business at risk for interruptions in service due to lack of focused attention on the solution.

Direct communication with the people building your solution to facilitate quick responses to changes and problems. We've designed our organization to be resistant to misunderstandings and bureaucratic inertia by doing away with complex layers of communication and accountability.


Little to no communication with the people building your solution enables problems to fester and leave you paralyzed when you need to act fast on market shifts. Typical vertical organizations suffer from systemic bureaucratic inertia which puts your project at risk for missing critical deadlines and opportunities.

Our business model ensures that we can put our full selves into our work so that you can benefit. Our growth and prosperity is also yours. This is our Golden Path to success.


Traditional organizations are driven by fear, which inhibits knowledge workers' ability to put their full selves into their work. This is the path to mediocre solutions at best. We think Jedi Master Yoda says it best, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."


My firm currently consists of myself but I also surround myself with like-minded technology professionals who are dedicated to helping businesses and their stakeholders succeed and prosper. Together, we hope to be an incredible asset to your organization.

Daryl Wright, Founder and CEO

Daryl Wright

Founder and CEO

As a software developer turned entrepreneur, Daryl founded Golden Path Technologies in 2018 with the aim of radically changing the way businesses leverage software solutions and to help fellow developers realize their true potential. Daryl has written software for almost 20 years and has spent a decade working for companies in several industries, including a major M2M telecommunications provider and a notable online food delivery network. Daryl grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he developed an early fascination with taking things apart and figuring out how they work. This would eventually grow into an interest in video games, computers, and eventually a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba. In 2016, Daryl and his wife Delaney left Winnipeg and drove 3,000km to live in Miramichi, New Brunswick, where they currently reside. Daryl is a proud husband and dog parent, avid outdoorsman, Winnipeg Jets fan, and has an endless fascination with the GNU/Linux operating system.